Resolutions 2009

With the arrival of the New Year comes an urge to make a new start with our lives.   The age-old tradition of the New Year’s Resolution is a sign of the human drive for growth and improvement.  Some criticize the practice of making resolutions, saying they just set people up for failure.  Research shows, however, that people who make New Year’s resolutions are much more like to create positive change in their lives than those who don’t make resolutions!  So I say go for it! Whether you succeed or fail at your resolution depends on many factors, but one of
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“Quality Time” in Just a Few Minutes

Almost every magazine article, television or radio program you see talks about how busy the American family is these days, yet how important “Quality Time” is to the family.  How the heck are you supposed to carve out quality time when there are so many demands on the family calendar?  Some days get so hectic you may wonder if you have even spoken to your spouse or children that day. So, how much time is needed for it to be “Quality Time?”  How about five minutes a day?  What about just four minutes? Yes, I’d say quality time can be
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