Successful Summer Traveling – The Road Trip

A road trip with school-age children requires planning and flexibility.  It requires realistic expectations.  It also requires good self-care for the parents, or you’ll feel like you need your own vacation after the family vacation.  To illustrate these points, let me tell you a story about my good friend Chadd. When Chadd was about fourteen, his family embarked on a trip to Florida from Indiana.  His mother, stepfather, and three younger siblings were ready to make the trip in their nice roomy conversion van.  The kids woke up early, waiting for the dad to return home from working the night
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Use Consequences to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Well-disciplined children become well-disciplined and responsible adults.  A great method for instilling responsibility and discipline in your children is to use natural and logical consequences.  Natural consequences are results of actions that happen as expected.  For example, when you eat too much you feel sick and have an upset stomach, when you stay up too late you are sleepy the next day, etc.  We learn a great deal from simply understanding that actions have certain predictable consequences.  Children learn valuable lessons from experiencing the consequences of their choices.  For instance, my 5 year old son is learning that when he
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