Being Present for the Presents

This picture made me laugh.  This is a clever yet poignant statement about the way we often operate in our everyday family life.  This family isn’t putting on a fake front, even for the ubiquitous happy holidays happy family photo.  This picture made me think about being fully present in the moment.  It is true that we can be so preoccupied and distracted that we miss our own lives.  We can even miss the times that are supposed to be the happiest, most memorable times!  “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why
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Traits of Healthy Families – Part 5

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us!  Hopefully this means you are excited and in the spirit rather than stressed out by this holiday season. It has worked out well that this last column on traits of healthy families will cover traits that show how important the holidays can be to your family wellness.  This is the last installment in a series on the 15 traits of healthy families identified by family expert Dolores Curran.  The three traits left to discuss are that healthy families have rituals and traditions, value service to others, and have a shared religious core.
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Parents Unite! Take Back Christmas!

With the end of Thanksgiving, the “Holiday Season” is in full swing.  In addition to the everyday grind, there is all this extra stuff to do to get ready for the holidays: shopping, baking, planning reunions, planning parties, wrapping, decorating, putting Christmas trees in stands, getting hunters out of tree stands, and numerous other tasks.  Why do we put ourselves through this every year?  The Scrooges and Grinches of the world see it as a waste of time, all this pointless effort for one frenzied day of consumerism.  Those who love Christmastime hold this time as a special time of
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