In-Laws: A Vital Pillar of Support

In the “crazy-in-love” days of dating through the honeymoon period, most people don’t give much thought to the impact that their spouse’s parents can have on the marriage. The truth is though, with all other things being equal, in-laws can make or break a marriage.  More specifically, the husband or wife’s relationship with their in-laws and whether or not the in-laws support the marriage are very important factors in marital satisfaction and stability.  These truths have been supported in research by sociologists and marital experts. So in-laws have much more to offer than comedic relief in “Everybody Loves Raymond” or
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Traits of Healthy Families – Part 4

This is the fourth installment of a series exploring 15 traits of healthy families, identified by Dolores Curran as vital to family success.  Traits nine through 12 will be covered in this column.  The four traits we’ll examine this month all have to do with boundaries.  In every family, there are physical and relational boundaries.  Healthy families are those that; 9) share responsibilities, 10) have a sense of right and wrong, 11) respect the privacy of one another, and 12) admit to and seek help with problems.   These traits have to do with boundaries between family members, the boundaries of
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