Being Present for the Presents

This picture made me laugh.  This is a clever yet poignant statement about the way we often operate in our everyday family life.  This family isn’t putting on a fake front, even for the ubiquitous happy holidays happy family photo.  This picture made me think about being fully present in the moment.  It is true that we can be so preoccupied and distracted that we miss our own lives.  We can even miss the times that are supposed to be the happiest, most memorable times!  “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why
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Fireproofing Your Marriage

“Never leave your partner behind” is the tagline for the newly released movie “Fireproof.”   This movie depicts a young married couple experiencing total marital meltdown.   While the couple (Catherine and Caleb Holt) are fictional the problems they face are all too common.   Furthermore, the way they fight over these problems and how quickly they consider divorce is all too common as well.   How their marriage is rescued is the main story in the movie. Let me set the stage for you.  Caleb is a captain in the town fire department.  Catherine works in public relations at the local hospital.  Married
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