The Wards utilizes an approach that integrates biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of human experience to aid people as they work to enrich their lives and build healthy relationships. Between sessions, Dr. Ward and Heather often assign “homework” tasks for the client to work on. These tasks often include reading materials, behavioral changes to try, or certain relationship issues to discuss before the next session. Below you will find specific issues that are often treated.  Click on a heading to learn more about each issue:

Relationship and Family Issues

Family Counseling
Marital Enrichment
Couples Therapy
Sexual issues
Blended families

Psychological and Emotional

Anxiety disorders
Grief and loss
Self-esteem, identity issues

Adjustment and Transitions

Relationship changes
Job changes
Transition to parenthood

Stress and Anger Management

Work stress
Domestic problems

Marital Intensives

A marital “intensive” accomplishes in one and a half days what usually takes 4 months in traditional marital therapy.