About Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward is from Southeastern Ohio.  He came to the Parkersburg area to attend college at Ohio Valley University, where he met his lifelong love and wife, Heather.  After continuing his education at Oklahoma Christian University, he and Heather worked in Japan for one year teaching English in junior high schools.  Upon returning to the U.S, Dr. Ward attended graduate school for training in marriage and family therapy.  Dr. Ward became interested in marriage and family therapy through his studies in psychology and his experience working in a mental hospital.  These experiences led him to the conclusion that people cannot be treated for psychological issues apart from their context.  Instead, emotional and mental health issues are best treated in the context of human relationships.

In the process of earning his advanced degrees in marriage and family therapy, Dr. Ward and his wife Heather had three children.  Through his experiences of becoming a parent, Dr. Ward’s interest in parenting guided him into research on parenting.  As a result, he completed his doctoral dissertation on the transition to parenthood.  Dr. Ward thoroughly enjoys life with his family.  They are active in their church, and enjoy experiencing God’s powerful presence in their lives.

When Dr. Ward is not working, he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible.  He enjoys running, camping, hiking and things like that.  Dr. Ward is a movie buff, and often assigns movies as homework to his clients. See his list of recommended movies, videos, and books.

Areas of Competence

I am licensed as a Professional Counselor in West Virginia and as an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist in Ohio.  I have extensive training in couples and family therapy, as well as training in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of individual mental health issues.
I specialize in couples therapy, stress management, coping and adjustment to disability, blended family issues, parenting assessment and training, sexual behavior issues, relationship issues, post-divorce adjustment issues, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders.
My approach with individuals is an often an integration of cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapy.  With families, structural-strategic approaches are utilized, as well as Satir-inspired approaches.  In couples therapy, I work on the attachment processes using emotionally focused therapy.  My goal is to provide clients with education and skills to live a full life psychologically, spiritually, and socially.

Formal Professional Education

Purdue University
Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy

Abilene Christian University
MA in Marriage & Family Therapy


Over 10 years of experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families.


Licensed Professional Counselor, West Virginia

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, West Virginia


Dr. Ward is a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists