Adults Need Recess Too!

Yesterday at the office the nurses decided they needed a break.  After they stepped outside for some fresh air, they observed the leaves falling steadily from a nearby tree.  On a whim, they decided to try and see how many leaves they could catch before they fell to the ground.  They were darting around and laughing for about 5 minutes.  Then, they came back inside and went straight to work.  I asked them about it later, and they both said that afterwards they felt mentally and physically refreshed. They were also a lot more cheerful! This break in the daily
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Blending Families #2

I recently worked with a couple that is a good example of the challenges faced in blended families.  This couple, married about 2 years now, each brought two children into the marriage.  His two children (ages 8 and 10) were only there every other weekend and one evening during the week.  Her children of about the same age were always with them as their father was “out of the picture.”  The wife in this marriage accuses her husband of lacking commitment to her and her kids, explaining that every time his children were there “he virtually ignores me and my
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