Effective Co-Parenting

I’ve worked with several families that bring in their child because he or she is not adjusting well to the parents’ divorce.  Most often, the child is doing fine in reality and the parents are the ones who aren’t adjusting well!  Just because the parents have divorced doesn’t mean they don’t have to get along.  They actually have to get along better now than they ever have before – for the sake of the children!  Here is a simple guideline for parents who are having a difficult time talking to each other about their co-parenting relationship.  This is a practical
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Summer: Give Your Kids Some Free Time!

Summertime is upon us.  With summer comes a relaxing of the schedule – more time to lollygag and slow down the pace of life.  At least it used to be that way!  When I was a kid, I rode my bike all over town.  I spent days at the city pool.  Some days I was bored out of my mind, though.  Now that you’re a parent, do you see your kids lollygagging through summer the way you did as a kid?  Probably not. There is a growing trend in middle-class America towards structured activities and programs for children; from sports
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