How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown

We live in a technologically advanced society full of time and labor-saving devices.  So why is it that we often wish for more time and go through our days feeling worn out?  Most of us don’t utilize the time wisely.  We have to-do lists as long as our arms, with limited time and money to accomplish the tasks in front of us. That is actually the definition for chronic stress – the perception that demands or requirements exceed our resources and abilities.  The key word there is “Perception.” When we perceive the demands of life are exceeding what we’ve got
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Categories: Mental Health, Personal Growth, and Stress.

Developing a Roadmap for your Life

The New Year is a time for new starts and re-evaluating our goals.  It’s a time for reflection on how well our lifestyle and life decisions are matching up with what we want out of life.  We only have one lifespan given to us.  We can easily fall into the idea that we have plenty of time to make the necessary changes, but there are no guarantees.  With that thought in mind, take this opportunity to reflect and refocus.  The Roadmap Exercise is a writing activity to identify and clarify your values and goals.  These concepts are the desired destination
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