Fooling Around on Facebook

A man in his 40s, married almost 20 years, reports the following scenario:  “I wasn’t looking for this.  She just asked me to be a friend on Facebook.  I haven’t talked to her since high school.  She looked great.  Pretty soon we start texting each other and then I talk to her on my way home from work.  I thought I could keep this thing contained.  My wife saw all the texts from an unknown number on the cell phone bill and she hacked into my Facebook account and found all the personal messages.  I can’t believe she did that! 
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Thoughts on parenting, God, and fish tanks.

Parents are given the responsibility to create an environment for their children in which to grow and thrive.  God created the concept of the family as a place for children and adults experience life to its fullest.  Parents create this environment for their family.  I’m going to use a metaphor to illustrate my point.  A fish tank is a man-made environment for fish.  If the environment in the fish tank is toxic, the fish will die.  The fish are not created for the fish tank, but the fish tank was created for the fish.  I cannot become angry at my
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