The Structured Separation Agreement

Occasionally in my practice there is a couple I am working with that are “stuck” and if they continue to stay together they will definitely hurt their chances of perpetual marital bliss. Yet, divorce is not something I encourage though for some it becomes a decision they must make.  Sometimes it is helpful for the couple to agree to “trial separation.”  In this post you will learn a way to go about a structured or trial separation.    Definition: Terminating cohabitation with a moratorium on the final decision to reunite or divorce – basically a postponement of that decision for
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Protecting Our Children Against Sexual Abuse

Did you know there are 161 registered sex offenders in Wood County?  The ratio of residents to sex offenders in Parkersburg is 264 to 1.  Because this month’s issue is about healthy and safe kids, I think this is a great time to learn about how to discuss sexual abuse with your children and how to protect children against sexual abuse.              First, rather than worrying so much about “stranger danger,” we need to be aware of the people familiar with our children.  In 85% of reported cases of sexual abuse, the abuser is a relative, close family friend or
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