Special Focus: Adoption

adoption touches the lives of approximately 50 million Americans. As a result, this is a topic that is broad and deep. This discussion barely scratches the surface of the many dynamics and issues unique to adoptive families. In the past, adoption used to be considered something you really didn't discuss. In fact, telling children they were adopted was discouraged. Now, adoption is seen for the very positive gift and blessing that it is:
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How to $Succeed with Money in Marriage

Mike and Lori (fictional names) are headed towards divorce. Lori came home from work and found the electricity was out. She decided she'd had enough after she learned that the electric bill wasn't paid. In fact, it was one of many bills that haven't been paid for the last three months. When she confronted Mike about this, he lashed out that he couldn't pay the bills because she's been spending all her paycheck rather than putting her half into the account for paying bills. Knowing that Mike's salary alone could cover the monthly bills, she didn't give up solving the mystery. Lori found out that Mike bought an expensive motorcycle and has been keeping it in rented storage. Because of these secret expenses, there's been "too much month at the end of the money" for Mike and Lori. Lori is a forgiving person, but this is the third time Mike has put them through this mess with his secret spending. They've already declared bankruptcy three years earlier.
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